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Focus on the core self-defense principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Expect a light workout and to discuss and experiment with different positions. All levels.

Method & Theory

Focuses on the tactics and strategy used at the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. All levels.

Guided Drilling

In this class you will be drilling movements you are currently working on, and sparring from the shared position-of-the-month. This class is focused on skill development and building muscle memory. Open to all experience levels.

Teen BJJ

Teens are given their own space to work on more advanced sport BJJ techniques and provided deeper understanding of BJJ self-defense system.


A Russian martial art incorporating Judo, striking, and upper and lower body submission holds. This class will primarily focus on takedowns and conditioning to complement the ground skills of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Open Mat

Jiu jitsu Gi and No-Gi mixed-level sparring with your teammates. You'll have the opportunity to practice your skills in real time and learn from students of all skill and experience levels.

Forget about the world and catch some mat time from 8:00 pm till the last roller goes home.

Tappy Hour

Open mat with more relaxed format. Space for drilling, situational sparring, and friendly rolls.

Youth Classes

All ages learn how to handle difficult social situations, safely gain control of physical confrontations, and practice setting physical boundaries with appropriate use of force by controlling and negotiating instead of punching and kicking. Fighting fire with water.

Youth, ages 4-6

Introduces youth to the basics of Jiu Jitsu through simple drilling and games to help them get comfortable with rough play and physical contact. Class focuses on how to subdue an aggressor.

Youth, ages 7-13

While still focusing on self defense, this class introduces modern sport Jiu Jitsu techniques: a variety of guards, sweeps, and finishing combinations.

Home School Youth BJJ, ages 6-14

Introduce coordination, agility, and heart healthy activity into your child's home school experience while building relationships with others in the homeschool community.​

In this class your child will learn:

  • skills to deal with difficult social situations

  • verbally set boundaries and the physical skills to back them up

  • when and how to say no

  • self-defense skills in a safe, clean environment

  • rough and tumble activities, great for exercise and character building

This class can fulfill the physical education class requirement for your home school instruction program.

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